The mixture of smoke and water will cause significant damage. Certified Water and Mold Be Gone offers fire restoration services in Independence MS. And we specialize in the cleanup and restoration to pre-fire conditions.

We guide you through the process of fire and smoke clean up and how to properly make a claim. We have experience working with other fire restoration cases in Independence. Also, we have the tools to for every fire or smoke damage. You will be back in your property in no time.

Our fire restoration service focuses on removing the deep-seated soot and the smoky odor from your property. This way we will get rid off any dirt, grime, or soot.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your fire damage is, our local fire restoration services in Independence offers personalized service.

Our experienced crisis managers will be on-site, regardless of where the site is. You can be confident that that your home and assets are well regarded and taken care of.

In addition to the fire restoration, our services include:

  • We will make sure that the property is secure during the fire restoration.
  • We can assist you in finding a temporary home.
  • Also, we can help you manage the fire claim with your insurance company!